My Colourful Life

Colour. It’s really important to me and is everywhere in my life. Even though I have a penchant for white walls in most of the rooms in my home I think any visitor would see my love of colour; from the paintings on the walls, the cushions on the chairs and in my collection of jugs to the contents of my wardrobe and fridge and even in my choice of collars for my cats!


When I moved into my home, 14 years ago, my most extravagant purchase was probably the blue Smeg fridge. Extravagant because it was an expensive fridge; extravagant as I wouldn’t say it’s the most efficient fridge but it did look good (and still does). One day a builder came to the house and laughed out loud when he saw me in matching powder blue fluffy cardigan and asked if I always co-ordinated my clothes with appliances. I don’t!

Walk into my garden and as spring properly turns into summer you’ll see the last of the bluebells, and the ceanothus smothered in masses of lilac blue flowers that create a wonderful, soft hazy appearance.


The tulip is one of my favourite flowers and I like them at every stage of their life; they show up regularly in my paintings. In my garden you’ll see bright red ones contrasting with their yellow partners standing in the borders; whilst pink tulips dance with white and blue anemones in turquoise glazed pots.


Newly emerging purple alliums crowd out the beds, soon to be joined by showy blue agapanthus and, oh!, look over there, there’s that handsome euphorbia clothed with whorls of fleshy, greyish green leaves and topped with huge heads of chartreuse-green flowers with bronze ‘eyes’.


I try and walk most days as it’s about the only exercise I enjoy and it also provides the opportunity to have a good chat with the lovely husband, away from all devices. A walk also provides good thinking time and the chance to properly look at my surroundings and to get inspiration for my art. When people think of Whitstable, where I live, their immediate thoughts are probably of the beach, the sea and the harbour. Whilst these all provide wonderful changing colours and ideas for my work I also enjoy looking in people’s gardens and at the vegetation growing with wild abandon through pavements in the streets and alleyways.

On a short walk in town this week I noticed that even the rubbish bags in Whitstable are colourful and I imagine the pastel coloured houses opposite the Neptune pub probably appear in thousands of photo collections around the world as well as in mine.


As I’ve aged my hearing has deteriorated but luckily for me my vision is still pretty good. I feel blessed because one of the hardest things would be to lose sight of all the colour in the world. If the worst happens I can only hope that colourful memories I’ve banked throughout my life could still be conjured up. You can see some of my colourful art and art created by artists that I like at Pinterest.

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